Feathered Friends Parrot Adoption Services, Inc.



1. To maintain an enriched, clean, and caring environment for all Psittacine species that come into our care.

2. To provide educational outreach to the public at large, and to perform public service when possible, such as assisted animal therapy.

3. To maintain liaison with local animal shelters, animal welfare organizations, the media, local avian veterinarians, and all local politicians interested in furthhering the cause of animal welfare.

4. To help protect the wild Quaker Parakeet population of New York State, and maintain current legislative persistence to pass bills which aim to protect these amazing parrots.

5. To provide a legal “safe haven” for avian victims of domestic violence and disputes. Please see our “SAFE HAVEN” page.


We dedicate all efforts in Memory of:

 Casey, the Orange-winged Amazon, ?-10/15/2005,

Tori, the Lutino Indian Ringneck, 10/1/2003-6/7/2007,

Pepper, the Red-bellied Parrot, 11/25/2004-8/1/2007,

Jack, the Maximillian’s Pionus, 7/4/1990-9/15/2007, and

Skye and Firecracker (Blue-Crowned and Cherry-Headed Conures), 7/4/2001-8/19/2008.

Taco, our Sun Conure, 3/26/2004-7/6/2011

¬†“They rest comfortably now, waiting for us patiently ’til we can play again”

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